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Brentwood 2

Brentwood  – WWTP Expansion Project

Design of the structural elements for a 10mgd WWTP Expansion in the City of Brentwood, CA. Process Facilities included Influent Pump Station, Headwords, Dentrification facilities, Oxidation Ditches, Primary Clarifiers, Chemical Area, Tertiary Filters, Chlorine Contact basins, Cascade Aeratoers and an Outfall Structure.  Additional structures included an Administration building, electrical area, and solids handling facilities.  More…


Office Buildings

City of Belmont - Recreation Facility

Structural design of a two story concrete block recreation facility and two concession/restroom buildings for new softball fields.





City of Glendale

City of Glendale- Groundwater Remediation Project

Structural design of facilities associated with this ground water remediation project.  Elements included seismic anchorage, operations facilities, chemical storage, groundwater well vaults and a 240 foot clear span pipe crossing over an existing water channel in Glendale, CA.  The project required mat foundations to accommodate potential settlement from the existing unconsolidated soils.