Water and Wastewater Treatment

Featured Water and Wastewater Treatment Projects



Ironhouse Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

Provided structural engineering design for this 9-mgd plant expansion, including an influent pump station, headworks, anoxic/aeration basins, membrane bioreactors, backpulse tank, blower/electrical/generator/chemical building, UV/Effluent pump station, and a solids handling building.  More...





Groundwater Replenishment Project

Provided structural design, pre-design, and services during construction for pile foundations.  TJCAA’s design for this project, which included an Advanced Water Treatment Facility and Ground Water Replenishment System, required 3,640 piles for 34 structures.  More…






Brentwood WWTP Expansion

Structural design of a 10-mgd WWTP expansion in the city of Brentwood, CA.  Process facilities included Influent pump station, headworks, denitrification facilities, oxidation ditches, primary clarifiers, chemical area, tertiary filters, chlorine contact basins, cascade aerators, and an outfall structure.   More…




Delta Diablo

Delta Diablo Recycled Water Treatment

Provided structural engineering support for design of this 12.2-mgd plant expansion to provide recycled water.  Specific elements included filters, clarifiers, chlorine contact basins, and a 1.8-mg steel reservoir.  More...