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Water & Wastewater

TJCAA has extensive and varied experience in providing structural, electrical, and I&C designs for water, wastewater, and remediation facilities. Our experience in public and private sector construction, infrastructure requirements, treatment processes, and water bearing structures allows us to integrate seamlessly with design teams for nearly every type of water treatment design project. We have applied traditional and innovative approaches to a variety of design challenges for plants and facilities with capacities ranging from less than 1 to in excess of 500 million gallons per day.


Reservoirs & Pump Stations

TJCAA’s services for reservoirs and pump stations include: design of technically feasible, cost effective configurations; materials/life cycle analysis; effective pump controls; energy efficiency; alternatives analysis; and seismic evaluation and retrofit design. Our communication with tank manufacturers allows us to anticipate and address feasibility and construction issues. Our pump station designs include facilities up to 1,000 horsepower, constant or variable speed applications, and incorporating remote telemetry and SCADA. We have evaluated, designed and/or retrofitted numerous reservoirs and pump stations for clients throughout the western United States.


Seismic Evaluation & Mitigation

TJCAA is a highly qualified and experienced seismic evaluation and mitigation service provider. We have a detailed understanding of the region’s active earthquake faults. Our seismic evaluation activities include: analysis of existing structures; determination of the specific, actual design level earthquake; evaluation of construction materials and methods; and determination of appropriate lateral forces.





I&C and Electrical

TJCAA’s engineering services for the instrumentation, controls, and electrical disciplines cover nearly every aspect of ICE design services that can be expected in municipal water and wastewater facilities. Our experience includes low and medium voltage distribution, utility coordination, control systems, instrument selection, ancillary systems (fire alarm, security, and communications), lighting, and building infrastructure. Our proven approach relies on collaborative techniques to address ICE issues with the end user and the design team, resulting in effective and functional designs.


Office Buildings

TJCAA’s structural engineering services for office buildings include design and the evaluation and selection of building systems and materials. Our experience demonstrates our capability to provide structural designs that coordinate with our clients’ functional and aesthetic needs. We work with project architects to confirm that the structure is compatible with the architectural scheme and that it supports any special building features.