TJCAA’s head designers, Terence (Terry) Cavanagh and Paul Giorsetto, were principals and design leaders for an international environmental engineering design firm in California’s Bay Area. Mr. Cavanagh and Mr. Giorsetto together provide over 50 years of experience in delivering creative problem solving for public and commercial/industrial clients. The TJCAA Structural Group provides expertise in the design of water and wastewater treatment plants and seismic evaluation of existing structures, as well as in the design of ozone treatment and chemical containment facilities. Our Instrumentation, Control, and Electrical Group has developed designs for low and medium voltage distribution systems and control systems for complex water treatment facilities both domestically and internationally.

In 2012, Mike Erwin joined the TJCAA group, bringing to bear his 30-plus years of experience as a designer and system integrator working on control systems in the water and wastewater industry. Mike has been the point person for expanding TJCAA services to include Control System Programming to our suite of services. Our CSP group, with its growing staff of system programmers, brings a combination of PLC and SCADA programming skills coupled with design and field experience to implement practical and effective CSP solutions.

TJCAA and its personnel are responsive and flexible team members. We have demonstrated our ability to provide quality service, both as a lead firm and by integrating effectively with existing design teams. We work toward the best solutions for our clients. TJCAA operates from our fully equipped design offices and is also comfortable operating remotely or on site as part of an existing design team.

“Setting the Standard”

What We Do

Instrumentation & Control and Electrical Services (ICE)

TJCAA provides instrumentation, controls, and electrical design services that involve evaluation, planning and design of facility and industrial electrical applications. These engineering services encompass electrical power distribution; industrial motor control; lighting and energy-efficient lighting control; fire alarms; communications; instrumentation; and data communications. TJCAA typically provides engineering services during construction for projects they design.

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Structural Design Services (STRU)

TJCAA provides structural design services that involve design of new structures to withstand gravity and lateral loads, evaluation of existing structures to withstand gravity and lateral loads and when necessary, design of retrofit options for deficient existing structures. TJCAA typically provides engineering services during construction for projects that it is engaged on.

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Control Systems Programming

TJCAA provides design and computer programming services for centralized monitoring and control systems within a plant or more widely dispersed sites, such as pump stations, reservoirs, booster stations or pressure zones. TJCAA identifies client needs for customized programming and automation and then develops, tests and implements industrial computer control systems for real-time processes.

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TJCAA – The Names and Faces


Gianna C. Zappettini, Esq.


Gianna Zappettini, a licensed attorney in California since 1989, oversees the management of TJCAA. Ms. Zappettini directs all marketing, financial, contractual and personnel matters associated with the corporation. Her experience as an attorney, which includes civil litigation with an emphasis on insurance defense, construction litigation, and personal injury litigation, as well as her experience coordinating staff at a small law office, provides her with a solid foundation for management of TJC and Associates, Inc. 



Terence J. Cavanagh, S.E.

Senior Vice President

Terry Cavanagh, a licensed engineer since 1985, is an expert in the design of water and wastewater treatment plant structures. He specializes in the structural design and seismic evaluation of facilities including water and wastewater treatment plants, reservoirs and storage tanks, pump stations, ozone treatment facilities, chemical storage and containment facilities, operations centers/laboratories, and outfall structures. He provides significant design expertise with all conventional building materials used for water and wastewater treatment facilities. 

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Rick W. Cavanagh

Chief Financial Officer

Richard Cavanagh, as TJCAA’s Quality Control Manager, supervises the implementation of TJCAA quality control policies and procedures. His educational background is in Business Administration/Tax, and he has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1988. Mr. Cavanagh has extensive experience in quality assurance/quality control of manufacturing, testing, and reporting processes. He applies his skills and experience toward assuring that TJCAA products and services meet the standards of excellence required by our clients. 



Paul J. Giorsetto, P.E., LEED AP

Vice President

Paul Giorsetto, TJCAA’s Instrumentation, Control, and Electrical (ICE) services leader, has been a licensed engineer since 1984, and has extensive design experience in the areas of electrical power distribution, electrical industrial applications, control systems, and instrumentation. He also has significant experience in construction services, as a resident engineer and inspector, and during facility startup. He has acted as a project manager and electrical and/or discipline lead on large water and wastewater design projects. Mr. Giorsetto has also served as project manager on dedicated electrical and instrumentation and control design-build projects. As an accredited LEED professional, he has an understanding of the principles that go into designing structures/buildings that have a minimal impact on the environment, and that promote energy efficiency and a healthy environment for their occupants/users. TJCAA clients seeking ICE design solutions will benefit from Mr. Giorsetto’s extensive experience.

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Michael J. Erwin, P.E.


Michael Erwin, who heads up TJCAA’s Control Systems Programming group, has been building valuable experience since 1986 in the design, implementation, and management of electrical power, control, automation, and instrumentation systems. He performs electrical design engineering for water and wastewater treatment, collection, and distribution systems, and industrial facilities, focusing on instrumentation and control system design and programming. His specific experience includes development of power calculations, protective device coordination, equipment specification, instrument selection, and control panel fabrication design; design of SCADA systems for in-plant and telemetry-based systems; and PLC programming. He has hands-on familiarity with a wide variety of PLC and SCADA hardware and software platforms. He gained his extensive experience not only as a consultant, but also as chief engineer and project manager for a Northern California systems integrator. With this understanding of the water/wastewater, control system, and construction industries, he provides a viewpoint that emphasizes constructability and an emphasis on systems that feature maximum operator usability and efficiency.



Richard K. Thow. S.E.


Richard Thow has worked in the structural design and seismic evaluation fields since 1986. He has designed and evaluated facilities including water treatment plant structures, wastewater treatment plant structures, chemical storage facilities, pump stations, and storage tanks/reservoirs. Mr. Thow’s experience also comprises extensive evaluation and analysis for nuclear facilities, including regulatory interpretation and compliance, structural evaluation, and facility design and modification.

Daisy M. Yu, S.E., LEED AP

Senior Structural Engineer

Daisy Yu has extensive experience in seismic evaluation and retrofit design and in the design of large, multi-story steel-framed structures. Her design experience also includes water and wastewater treatment facilities such as reinforced concrete reservoirs, reinforced masonry pump stations, and chemical storage facilities. As an accredited LEED professional, she has an understanding of the principles that go into designing structures/buildings that have a minimal impact on the environment, and that promote energy efficiency and a healthy environment for their occupants/users. Ms. Yu is not only an experienced structural engineer, but also a proven project manager.

Elaine M. Tee, P.E.

Electrical Engineer

Elaine Tee’s experience includes instrumentation, controls, and electrical design and field work for municipal water/wastewater, industrial, commercial, and traffic applications. Her experience in design includes power distribution, piping and instrumentation diagrams development, motor controls, lighting, and cost estimating. Ms. Tee has also supervised and performed onsite facility inspections and has provided construction and field services for several water facilities and expansion projects. Her abilities as a designer provide support to our instrumentation, control, and electrical group, and her experience in the field further strengthens our team’s “on the ground” insight.


Eileen A. Nakamura, P.E.

Electrical Engineer

Eileen Nakamura, is an electrical engineer with design experience in the areas of electrical power distribution, electrical industrial applications, control systems, and instrumentation. Her specific experience includes: design of medium and low-voltage electrical distribution systems for water, wastewater, and industrial waste treatment facilities, plant instrumentation, and SCADA systems for in-plant and telemetry-based systems. She also has experience in construction services during facility start-up for design-build projects.

Helen Tran

Senior Controls Technician

Helen Tran is an automation engineer with nearly 15 years’ experience in instrumentation and controls (I&C) and system integration. She has performed a variety of electrical and I&C designs for process equipment and utility systems. With a background in the electric power, biotechnology, and water treatment industries, Ms. Tran applies practical knowledge in design, documentation, programming, and configuration of control system hardware and software components. She is adept at interpreting client processes and operations, automation planning/design/implementation, and providing support for system integration projects under a variety of automation hardware and software platforms. Her skillset includes operating principles of turbomachinery control systems and plant process controls. In addition, her experience includes pharmaceutical and biotech operations, and she has a thorough working knowledge of pharma design, construction, commissioning and qualification, and operations and experience within the current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) regulations.



Jacqueline N. Arama, P.E.

Electrical Engineer

Jacqueline Arama is an electrical engineer with a wide variety of experience in instrumentation and controls (I&C) and electrical analysis and design. Her experience includes feasibility studies and electrical design for water and wastewater treatment plants and associated communication facilities. She has developed designs including electrical load and voltage drop calculations, equipment layouts, panel elevations, electrical plans, lighting, detailed control loop descriptions, and electrical power distribution, as well as remote monitoring and controls. Mrs. Arama is experienced at performing field verification of plant conditions and documentation, and with developing electrical models and performing power system analyses using SKM PowerTools©. She is familiar with fiber-optic cable allocation, electrical load studies, and piping and instrumentation diagram layouts and development, including coordination with process engineers.



Lee G. Meyer, P.E.

Electrical Engineer

Lee Meyer is an electrical engineer with experience in electrical power and control systems engineering for the water and wastewater industry. He has performed the full scope of low-voltage (under 600 V) design including control panels, motor control centers, utility metering, transformers, switchboards, load centers, variable frequency drives, programmable logic controllers, and SCADA. Mr. Meyer has provided programming and bench-testing for new equipment, including I/O testing, SCADA testing, and function testing. His design experience includes Ethernet and fiber optic networking, radio telemetry, and relay logic. In addition, Mr. Meyer provides construction management services, including preparing and reviewing engineering drawings, submittals, engineering change orders, and requests for information.

Raphael E. Okubo, P.E.

Electrical Engineer

Raphael Okubo is an Electrical Engineer with our Instrumentation, Controls, and Electrical group. A graduate of San Jose State University (Electrical Engineering), Raphael is familiar with relay logic, microprocessors, and equipment programming and has performed design and analysis of systems that support the transportation (railway) industry. He is experienced with power systems and requirements and with control equipment programming using ladder logic and template-based programming software. He has also developed data migration strategies for transferring project information between dissimilar systems.

McKenzie S. Campagna, P.E.

Electrical Engineer

McKenzie Campagna is an Electrical Engineer working with our Instrumentation, Controls, and Electrical group. Ms. Campagna received her BS in Electrical Engineering from San Francisco State University, where her work included solar power applications. Her experience as an intern in the transportation field included design and assembly of instrumentation, as well as single-line diagram development. She focuses on electrical applications and control systems; power calculations; developing design layouts for conduit, circuiting, and lighting plans; preparing conduit schedules; and preparing engineering calculations used for equipment sizing and specifications.

Manan S. Bhatt

Electrical Designer

Manan Bhatt is an Electrical Designer in TJCAA’s Instrumentation, Controls, and Electrical group. He has extensive knowledge of SKM Power*Tools© and experience providing technical support, troubleshooting, and modeling with the SKM suite of power system analysis software. Mr. Bhatt performs electrical and I&C staff engineering on several projects including predesign studies, design, and calculations, and he provides support for engineering services during construction. He also has the lead role in computerized analyses of complex electrical systems, performing load flow, short circuit, coordination, and arc flash hazard studies for low- and medium-voltage facilities.

Bee Vue

CADD Operator

Bee Vue, is a CADD operator who has been with TJCAA since 2008. He produces structural, civil, electrical, and instrumentation drawings in AutoCAD and develops 3D drawings using SketchUp. Mr. Vue’s expertise includes dimensioning and rendering of 3D drawings to provide enhanced visualization for our clients.